Welcome to the Soulfuleadership Lab

Exploration, discovery and giant leaps in self-awareness


The Soulful Leadership Lab is a five-day intensive awareness and consciousness-expanding experience led by Maura Barclay.

The Lab was created to give you the keys to unwind yourself from pain from your past and create new neuro pathways to cultivate ease, love, wellbeing and embody your AUTHENTIC POWER in the face of the unknown.

Exploration, discovery and giant leaps in self-regulation are the goals. There will be mindset tools, mindfulness practice, guided meditations, Q & A and deep discussion around experiences and embodied navigation tools.


Soulfuleadership Labs are free events run in the private FB group on a quarterly basis. The dates and times will be announced in the group.


The Soulfuleadership Labs are hosted in the Soulfuleader Collective on Facebook.


The Soulfuleadership Lab is for awakened, leaders and influencers who are dedicated to the pursuit of deeper levels of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and being in aligned in their energetic integrity. If you're not interested in getting uncomfortable or going deep on the path to personal growth, this is not for you.

Leaders only please.


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The one thing all awakened LEADERS have in common: although the bottom line is important, there is nothing as satisfying as making a real difference--...

BONUS! When you’ve attended a leadership lab,

you qualify for special offers on Transformational Mastermind Programs and other coaching. 

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Office Hours

AUG 11 - 1pm - 2pm Pacific

SEPT 8  - 1pm - 2pm Pacific

OCT 13 - 1pm - 2pm Pacific

Must be enrolled in a Mastermind Program or Transformational Intensive coaching prior to accessing office hours. Please contact info@soulfuleader.com to be added to the roster.