How to trust that after a breakdown is a breakthrough

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I want to share a concept with you that I know will help you get through any challenge or breakdown you may experience. We can hold two completely conflicting ideas in our minds and two conflicting emotions at the same time.
For example, I’m in the process of growing my seven figure business. This growth is challenging both personally, spiritually and professionally. During the process, I have had a couple of significant breakdowns where the amount of overwhelm that I have felt is completely dominating. I’ve felt out of control, like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve had a little bit of impostor syndrome, some low-grade self-sabotage…you know, upper-limit’s greatest hits.
The entire time that I was having my big breakdown, falling apart, total hot mess, ugly crying, there was a part of me that was witnessing the entire event completely trusting that on the other side of this breakdown would be a breakthrough and I was excited about what that was going to be.
So in the exact same moment, I was being knocked to my knees by overwhelming fear, I was simultaneously feeling excitement about what was on the other side of this breakdown. Naturally, I didn’t try to rush it. I did not try to hurry it up. I let it take its course. I honored the emotions that were coming up and felt them, and then let them go. It was very clear that they were there to teach me and show me something. Naturally afterwards, I felt much better. I had experienced my authentic truth even though it was one that I was a little embarrassed about. I felt ready for the breakthrough that was imminent.
I wanted to share this with you so you can relax and trust. Anytime you’re really challenged by something, if you can also recognize that there is something amazing coming on the other side of that, then you can hold a part of yourself in faith and trust even while you are authentically expressing a deep truth of fear, of concern, or whatever it is.
You can have both those things. It’s completely possible. It’s quite normal and a big part of resiliency and emotional intelligence. If you need any help around building this ability to have two conflicting thoughts or feelings, please DM me. This is one of my specialties as a master resiliency trainer. I love to help people build in this capacity, this extra bandwidth, to be able to witness yourself growing and recognizing what it is in the moment.
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