How Radical Self Acceptance Can Reduce Stress

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I wanted to give you some perspective around radical self-acceptance. When something triggers an emotional response that you are not proud of, it’s absolutely critical that you own that response and allow it. Suppressing these emotions will create all manner of illness in your body. I suppressed anger for a very long time. Eventually my immune system was so overcome, because of all the energy I was putting into suppression, that I opened the door for cancer to thrive in my body. I recognized it was the suppression of that emotion and the response to situations that created my disease.
Radical self-acceptance is an opportunity for you to take ownership in compassion and love for yourself, no matter what the emotion is. I’m a leadership consultant, so when things cause me to choose anger, I get frustrated with myself. Now, not only am I angry at the situation, I’m frustrated with myself for being angry. There’s judgment on top of it, which is just more energy draining resistance.
It’s an on-going learning curve but everything got easier when I allowed myself to:
– have the emotion
– learn what it was trying to teach me
– decide to accept myself with the response that I had
– be patient and loving and kind to myself no matter what my truth is
Once I got consistent in the steps above, I noticed that my responses became less and less angry, less frustrated, and then I started reacting more neutrally. In fact, after a while, things that used to make me angry, actually didn’t bother me at all, because I allowed myself to have it, and I accepted myself.
I want to encourage you to notice when you are judging your emotions and anytime you see that judgment, you may feel shame, you may feel frustration or embarrassment. That’s another key indicator that you are judging your truth. Let yourself have your truth, don’t judge it, accept that it’s part of you, and love yourself as you are. It’s okay.
As you allow these emotions to express, they will show up with less and less intensity. As you continue to accept yourself more and more with compassion and love, you will be less and less reactive to things. One of the keys to emotional intelligence is self-acceptance, compassion, patience, and love.
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